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The big ZHERO DAY is the 29th January! 

The excitement at Plan Zheroes is visible: thank you to all the support messages we are receiving from volunteers, charities, businesses, partners, speakers and in particular... Keytree's team who is making the impossible possible... Very soon we will reveal the first secret ingredient for the 29th January. 

For the Zero Food Waste Heroes, passionate about ending food waste and making surplus food available for people who need it, the new platform will make it possible to anyone get involved, to coordinate and support the efforts to make surplus food donations as easy as we always dreamed. 

Community cafés, food businesses, food transporters and volunteers willing to take action: get ready to join the new Plan Zheroes map after the 29th January!

Keep following the conversation on twitter @planzheroes or join our Facebook page and get ready for an amazing new Zheroes experience. 

Meantime for those who just found Plan Zheroes... here is a short story, in a brilliant video produced by Sara Martin.


Do you wish to access the original map? No problem... just let us know and we will send you a link to access.

If you are new to Plan Zheroes, we suggest you wait a few days and you will see an amazing new platform!


Plan Zheroes is a grassroots, not for profit movement (and now a registered charity) which prevents food waste and food poverty by connecting businesses with surplus food with local charities and people in need of it. Making a donation will mean we can stay independent and will let us plan for the future.

 If you believe in what Plan Zheroes is doing why not support us?